Seika MuraSaki (Bio)


🌹General Information🌹

Name: Seika Mura-Saki
Pronunciation: SEH – iy – ka  MUW – raa – saa – key
Meaning: Seika is a Japanese name meaning ‘Pure Summer’, ‘Murasaki’ is the Japanese word for ‘Purple’
Age: 17
How old does he/she appear: 16
Gender: Female
Birthday: 10th of December
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

Blood Type: B
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: Artist


👑Visual description👑

○ Species: Akai-Iro (Akarui Iro)
○ Height: 5’2
○ Skin Colour: Pale
○ Hair and Colour: Long and soft curls, long fringe that covers left eye which is purple. Light blue hair colour at the top, ombre dark blue in the middle and going into purple at the tips. Her hair reaches down below her waist. Natural hair colour is light blue, but the darker blue and purple tips are dyed.
○ Eyes and Colour: Common Akai-Iro heterochromia. Right eye is a light sky blue and left eye is purple. Eye shape is more roundish, and she has longer eyelashes
○ Tail Style and Colour: Common, long tail (traditional unicorn/lion tail), a darker gray (natural), and dyed purple/lilac tips. Tail can be used as a paintbrush.
○ Ear style and Colour: Bigger, rounder, white ears (common), dyed lilac tips
○ Accessories: Black choker necklace with her tear drop shaped, blue to purple gem on it. The gem can be taken off the choker and worn another way.
○ Special traits: When her wings are not summoned. A “tattoo” appears on her back. When she summons her wings, that “tattoo” disappears.



-Usually really happy. Loves to make people happy and see them smile. Especially through her art. She’ll happily accept a request knowing that once it’s finished. She will get to see the reactions from happy people.

-She is an over thinker and will stress out about the smallest things (like things not turning out the way she expected).

-She can be adventurous, and likes to explore places people have never been to before.

-She hates to hurt people’s feelings and will be very careful when talking to people so she doesn’t offend them. But if you hurt her friends or family, you should watch out.

-She is anxious 24/7 and stresses out a lot, so it does stop her from doing certain things.

-She likes fire….. a lot (pyromaniac). She also has a lighter hidden in her room somewhere.

Good Characteristics:

🌟Hard worker
🌟Loves making others happy
🌟Willing to help out

Bad Characteristics:
⭐Procrastinates a lot
⭐Over thinker
⭐Gets stressed easily
⭐Isn’t confident with her own abilities
⭐Sometimes very salty
⭐Can’t say no (afraid to say no especially to the things she doesn’t want to do)
⭐Very forgetful sometimes
⭐Stays up very late at night when she should be in bed
⭐Almost always underestimates herself

⭐Anxious 24/7

Special abilities: Some magic knowledge, limited knowledge of alchemy and basic fighting skills. Commonly uses a spear or sword.


-Rainy weather
-Thunder storms
-Her friends
-Making people happy
-Designing things
-Staying up late at night
-The interwebs
-Cherry Blossoms

-Hot weather
-Art block
-Her ability to procrastinate ’till the end of time
-Her forgetfulness
-Her art sometimes
-When people call her a “drawer” instead of artist
-When people call her ‘cute’ or ‘adorable’
-When people pick on her for her height
-Being called ‘short’ (“I’m not short! I’m fun-sized!”)
-Art theft


-Bitter foods


-Being left behind


-Those close to her getting hurt

Like all Akai-Iro, her magic comes from the gem she wears on a choker that all of her species gets when they come of age. Without the gem, she’s powerless and has to rely on her own abilities to fight, she can still summon her wings though.


Seika OC List


-She was born and raised in her village by her parents, her mother Vermillia (Red), and her father Flavo (Yellow). She has no siblings.

-It is common for everyone in their species to be weary of ‘The Greys’. As they believe they are Cursed and will spread it onto them. Their people are practically the embodiment of colour, and they are extremely proud of it. Seika, not believing that all of them are bad, leaves the village to see for herself.

-She currently lives in a giant tree house by herself near the edge of a cliff overlooking a massive forest.

-Akai-Iro are born having grey eyes, ears, and tails, they start to grow hair, it is also grey, but in rare cases, it will be white instead. When she was 5 years old, her colours appeared, like everyone else. Her natural hair colour is light blue, and her natural eye colours are blue and purple.

-When she came of age at 10, she dyed her tail and ears in the ceremony/ritual that all of them have when they reach the age of 10. At the age of 13, she was given her gem, like everyone else.

-She has a certain someone who is always with her and is very special to her. Sometimes, they go out and rescue colourless children.



🔹Seika is an Akai-iro (Akai-iro is a shortened version of the japanese word meaning ‘Bright Colour’ ((Akarui-Iro)))(my original closed species). Her mother was a fighter/hunter and her father was a middle class mage. Because of that, her mother taught her how to fight and hunt, so she has those basic skills. Her father taught her some simple spells, so she has some knowledge of magic, but could still improve and study on it some more. If she over uses certain spells, or magic that is of a higher level. She will get tired easily and will collapse if she doesn’t stop casting.

🔹The wings that she summons will sometimes disappear randomly and that’s bad, especially when she’s flying through the air. She is still learning how to summon her wings for a longer period of time, but since she’s still young. She’s not that good at it yet.

🔹All of the people in her species has a gem, but it’s up to them to learn how to use the magic. She wears it on a choker and almost never takes it off. She uses it mostly to hold and store things.  But the gem is where her magic comes from.

🔹In her species, it doesn’t matter if it’s the first name or last name, but all Akai-Iro have a colour for a name. It doesn’t matter if it’s in Japanese, French, English, etc. As long as it’s a colour or relates to a colour in some way.

🔹Seika can visit multiple different universe by “drawing” a portal to the universe she wants to go to. She has a special drawing pad/tablet made and given to her by her friends. When using it, whatever she draws on there will come to life and she can interact with it. She likes to design characters with it. But since it is a prototype, she has to be careful when using it. So nothing bad happens (like her creations getting corrupted and going crazy. Wreaking havoc upon the planet) and it is often connected to her mood. She can change her form and appearance accordingly, depending on which universe she goes to.

🔹When she is out, to blend in with humans, she styles her hair so her fring will cover her purple eye more, leaving the blue one visible. Since blue eyes are more common (You don’t see people with purple eyes walking around). She wears a hat to hide her ears and she wraps her tail around her waist under her shirt so it’s hidden.

🔹She is multitalented and can draw, play piano, guitar, a little bit on the drums, and do photography. She also likes to bake.

🔹The tattoo she has and the ability to summon wings is incredibly rare in her species. Those who have it are considered to be blessed by the goddess herself. It is apparent at birth. It is not unheard of, but there’s currently only 2 known cases of this.

🔹Seika doubles as my mascot for most things and icon.


Drawing Tablet

– She can draw on the tablet and it comes to life, but the product that arrives is only as good as her skills are. If it is drawn incorrectly or weirdly, that’s how it will com out.

– She can draw and design weapons on it and not have to build it herself, but she must draw up the blueprint on it and the functionality/features, etc.

– The tablet doesn’t save her work, so if she wants something to come to life that she’s drawn, she has to do it in one sitting. She can’t wait to do it later and come back to it. She Can’t start a new project on it until the other one is finished, or she will have to scrap it to start a new one.

– Her creations can get erased by her, using the eraser function on the tablet

– The tablet is mostly holographic and is worn on a silver band, she has 2. She always wears it either in her hair (As a hair tie) or on her tail (as an accessory). That’s why she is always seen wearing 2 (or more) silver bands. She is told the bands can do a lot more than just show her tablet, although she doesn’t exactly know what.

– She only uses the tablet when necessary, she doesn’t always use it. Since if she even just doodled on it, it would come to life (and depending on her mood at that time, the drawings can react differently, so vent art on the tablet is very bad).


Characteristics and Meanings


Blue: Blue is the color of the sky and sea. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven.

Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body. It slows human metabolism and produces a calming effect. Blue is strongly associated with tranquility and calmness. In heraldry, blue is used to symbolize piety and sincerity.

Purple: Purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. Purple is associated with royalty. It symbolizes power, nobility, luxury, and ambition. It conveys wealth and extravagance. Purple is associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic.

Blood Type

Passionate, active, creative, animal loving, flexible, cheerful, optimistic.

You do not have permission to use or take my OC in any way, shape, or form. Fanart/artwork is allowed, but proper credit must be given to me.
Please do not heavily reference, trace or make bases from my OCs and art


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