Art Status



🚫I will not be completing your request or trade if the OC you send me belongs to someone else (taken from google, stolen OCs, etc). 🚫

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-To receive free art from an artist at no cost.

Art Trade

-To ‘trade’ art. The artists get together and discuss what they want the them to draw. It’s kind of like a payment but with art.


-To buy a piece of art from an artist.


-Where one artist does the sketch/lineart and the other colours


Art trades: READ HERE for Art trades

Requests: Post a blog with your OC and tag it to #seikadrawme or comment down below

Commissions: Closed

Collabs: Ask

Rules for requests

-Tag a blog (or exisitng post) with your OC in it to #seikadrawme or comment down below on this blog

-Don’t comment on my wall or any other blog

-When doing a request, I reserve the right to do it how I feel like doong at the time (sketch, full colour, headshot, etc)

-If there is something specific you would like me to do for your request, please say so in the blog with the tag

-I won’t be responding to anymore comments on walls or other posts about if I can draw your OC

Rules to request an art trade

READ HERE for Art trades

  1. Have a (clear) visual ref of your OC ready
  2. State what type of trade you want to do (traditional/digital, headshot/fullbody, icon, etc)
  3. Whatever type you choose, I will do the same (I won’t do it digitally if you are doing it traditionally and vice versa)
  4. I have the right to say no to a trade
  5. Don’t keep bugging me to trade if I have said No
  6. I will not respond to comments if its on my wall or other posts
  7. Please don’t rush me. I’m often slow because I want the art to be “perfect”


Click here for prices

Click here for my Terms of Service

Order Form


-Comment or PM me asking for a collab

-State what you are going to or want me to do (example: I line. You colour. And vice versa)

-Tell me what it is you have in mind (Our OCs together, canon characters, etc)

Things I can do



-anthro (I can try)



-canon characters



Things I can’t/won’t do




-complex/complicated backgrounds



I have access to these supplies and the art may vary depending on what I use.

-copic markers

-prismacolour pencils

-watercolour pencils

-paint tool sai

If you submit a request (through the hashtag or comment) it will be random whether I do a fullbody/headshot, sketch/coloured, digital/traditional, etc. Whatever I feel like doing at the time.

If you want something specific done for your request. Please say so in the blog with the hashtag or comment.


Art Trades



Art trades will forever be open, so you can feel free to comment on this journal whenever you would like to ask for an art trade. BUT it doesn’t mean i’ll accept the trade right away. Since i’m not always free for trades, I will respond to you when i have time or am interested in a trade.

I will not respond to everyone. I’ll only reply to people I’m interested in trading with.

If I accept a trade with you, I will Note/message you.


Examples of my art

Find more of my art here

Can Do


-Anime style





-Canon characters


Won’t Do

-R18, NSFW, etc

-Mecha, robots


-Extreme, small details

-Complex backgrounds

-Buff or too ‘manly’ things (i’m not great at drawing guys, so I draw girls mostly)




  1. Fill out the form below and comment on this journal (DO NOT note me)
  2. Please attach a ref of your character that you want me to draw
  3. State what you want me to draw (bust, headshot, full, etc)
  4. Keep up your end of the trade
  5. Do not rush me (I can get very busy at times)
  6. Don’t start on your part unless I have noted you saying I have accepted your art trade request
  7. If you are picked you must finish your piece first and then I will do my part. If your part isn’t finished then I will not do my part.
  8. To make the trade fair, I will only do as much work as you do for example:

-If you only do line art then I will only do line art

-If you don’t shade in your part then I won’t shade my part

-If you add a background in it then I will add a background in it

  1. Put ‘Gudetama’ in your comment if you’ve read all the rules


To request an art trade, please fill in this form:

Character Reference:

Examples of your art (at least 2-3):

What you would like from me (Fullbody, chibi, bust, etc):

Do you want a speedpaint filmed of my part of the trade? (optional):