Art Status



🚫I will not be completing your request or trade if the OC you send me belongs to someone else (taken from google, stolen OCs, etc). 🚫

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-To receive free art from an artist at no cost.

Art Trade

-To ‘trade’ art. The artists get together and discuss what they want the them to draw. It’s kind of like a payment but with art.


-To buy a piece of art from an artist.


-Where one artist does the sketch/lineart and the other colours


Art trades: READ HERE for Art trades

Requests: Post a blog with your OC and tag it to #seikadrawme or comment down below

Commissions: Closed

Collabs: Ask

Rules for requests

-Tag a blog (or exisitng post) with your OC in it to #seikadrawme or comment down below on this blog

-Don’t comment on my wall or any other blog

-When doing a request, I reserve the right to do it how I feel like doong at the time (sketch, full colour, headshot, etc)

-If there is something specific you would like me to do for your request, please say so in the blog with the tag

-I won’t be responding to anymore comments on walls or other posts about if I can draw your OC

Rules to request an art trade

READ HERE for Art trades

  1. Have a (clear) visual ref of your OC ready
  2. State what type of trade you want to do (traditional/digital, headshot/fullbody, icon, etc)
  3. Whatever type you choose, I will do the same (I won’t do it digitally if you are doing it traditionally and vice versa)
  4. I have the right to say no to a trade
  5. Don’t keep bugging me to trade if I have said No
  6. I will not respond to comments if its on my wall or other posts
  7. Please don’t rush me. I’m often slow because I want the art to be “perfect”


Click here for prices

Click here for my Terms of Service

Order Form


-Comment or PM me asking for a collab

-State what you are going to or want me to do (example: I line. You colour. And vice versa)

-Tell me what it is you have in mind (Our OCs together, canon characters, etc)

Things I can do



-anthro (I can try)



-canon characters



Things I can’t/won’t do




-complex/complicated backgrounds



I have access to these supplies and the art may vary depending on what I use.

-copic markers

-prismacolour pencils

-watercolour pencils

-paint tool sai

If you submit a request (through the hashtag or comment) it will be random whether I do a fullbody/headshot, sketch/coloured, digital/traditional, etc. Whatever I feel like doing at the time.

If you want something specific done for your request. Please say so in the blog with the hashtag or comment.