The Evolution of Seika


Hey guys.
I thought I’d do a blog about my main persona, Seika.

Seika isn’t my oldest or first sona/oc, since she’s only been around in the middle of last year, but she has gone through many changes, and this blog will show you the ways she was before now.

Soo….. prepare yourself for some (cringy) old art.


First Appearance

This was done on the 30th of May, 2015.
Originally, she had black hair and brown eyes like I did in real life, as she was my persona, so I tried to make her appearance similar to mine (she has super long hair too). She was not very developed and even lacked a backstory. There’s not much to her at this time, she was very underdeveloped since I was still trying to make a perfect sona.
The pen she was holding allowed her creations to come to life whenever she drew on her sketchbook. The bulb on the top changes colour with whatever colour she picks out to draw with, and the pen can grow or shrink. Originally, her wings were able to change forms in certain circumstances.


Second Appearance

This one was done on the 10th of March, 2016
This was her second appearance, it was still one of my development stages, so she wasn’t really complete, or have a bio yet. This was a short colour ref of her, when I was planning out her colours. And again, I made her similar to me, but the eyes were different this time. Her right eye was red and pink, while her left one was purple and blue.


Third Appearance

This one was done on the 12th of March, 2016
This was one of her appearances where I made her an actual ref sheet. Her eyes were the same as her 2nd appearance, and it could change colour depending on her mood (getting darker the angrier she gets, the lighter, the happier). Her hair went from all black to having pink, purple, and blue ombre in her hair, and it was braided. This was also the first form to have the ‘butterfly’ tattoo on her back that summons wings.


Fourth Appearance

This was done on the 1st of May, 2016
This was my first attempt at using prismacolour pencils, and I was testing colours and redesigning Seika, this was the first time I decided to add ears and a tail on her. Her eye colour and hair colour has changed. For her hair, I got rid of the black entirely, and the eyes became blue and purple.


Fifth Appearance

This one was done on the 3rd of May
This was the design I finally decided on from the previous one, I decided to do a lion/traditional unicorn tail for her cause I wanted her to have a tail that could be used as a paintbrush. Her hairstyle was simpler (and easier to draw xD). I got rid of the black in her hair and it was just a pink, blue, and purple ombre.


Sixth Appearance

This one was done on the 17th of June, 2016
And finally, her FINAL EVOLUTION….. yeah, there’s not much to say about her. All the info is in her bio.
And this was the stage where I got this idea for the Akai-iro species, I brainstormed and got ideas throughout several weeks and slowly started developing them more.


You do not have permission to use or take my OCs in any way, shape, or form. Fanart/artwork is allowed, but proper credit must be given to me.

Please do not heavily reference, trace or make bases from my OCs and art